Judy Garland, Robert Walker, at Penn Station The Clock?(Vincente Minnelli), starring Judy Garland and Robert Walker, with scenes in the Central Park Zoo, Penn Station, The Astor Hotel, and atop a double-decker bus, a slightly surreal but benign after-hours interval in which Garland and Walker finish injured milkman James Gleason?s milk route, a race against the clock for blood-test results? a whirlwind romance and love letter to New York, filled with longing, anxiety, bureaucratic snafus and close calls, missed subway rendezvous, indifferent crowds and kind strangers, all infused with the looming uncertainty of Walker?s impending deployment overseas. Beautifully lensed by George Folsey, from a story by Paul and Pauline Gallico. Ordinary people (played by rich Hollywood stars, as the Firesign Theater once said) in mostly ordinary situations, surprised by love heightened by the urgency of living into an unknown future that is perhaps no future at all? One of those glossy Hollywood movies that smuggles in some real emotion.