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Welcome to Day 6, the final day of our courtroom extravaganza! In the first five?days we saw, among others, posts on Hitchcock worth knowing better (The Paradine Case), lynching (Fritz Lang?s?Fury), Louise Brooks?s Lulu in?Pandora?s Box,?Kramer vs. Kramer, the fish-out-of-Brooklyn courtroom classic?My Cousin Vinny, and the Three Stooges?from the tragic to the sublime to the ridiculous, and now we swing into Wednesday, when we hope to see posts that were delayed by world events. Leave your link in a comment with your blog name and movie title below this post or tweet it?@zleegasparand I?ll add it to the roster of live links. We?ve had a few last-minute sign-ups and guest posts, and we?re thrilled you chose to get into the act!

We appreciate?all of the writers taking the time to?participate! Please be sure you?ve included one of our banners (from either of our websites) in your post, and link it back to this post. And don?t forget to to stop by the other writers? websites and have a look at their posts over at my delightful cohost?s place,?Cinemaven?s Essays from the Couch!??We?ll be posting a full-event wrap-up with the whole roster on Thursday, June 16.

Attention: Due to Saturday night?s events in Orlando and their aftermath we are extending the blogathon through Wednesday, June 15. Today?s posts (June 15) are being hosted here at Second Sight Cinema, and both this site and?cohost?CineMaven?s Essays from the Couch?will post a full-roster recap on Thursday, June 16. Please make sure you have linked to the whichever of us is hosting on the day you post! And thank you again for being part of our event?we appreciate your work!?

Sunday, June 12

The Ox-Bow Incident?/?Sometimes They Go to Eleven

The Crucible?/?Moon in Gemini

The Mouthpiece?/?Pre-Code.com

Attorney for the Defense?/?Immortal Ephemera

Tuesday, June 14

10 Rillington Place?/?In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood

The Paradine Case?/?CineMaven?s Essays from the Couch

Wednesday, June 15