The Dead Boyfriend List

Let’s admit it: We all have them. If you love classic movies there are actors who you fell for the first time you saw them, and while the objects of your affection no longer walk the Earth, there’s no reason a serious crush can’t bring you pleasure for a lifetime. Here is my list of actors and directors I find devastatingly attractive. Some of them were less than ideal relationship material in real life, but that’e the treat thing—this isn’t real life. My list is long and ever-growing—some of these were love at first sight (Buster Keaton), while others grew on me gradually (George Brent). Here’s my persona list of the men who made me love them. And please, tell me about yours, too…

cary grant

Cary Grant

Introduction to Cary Grant.

buster keaton

Buster Keaton

Introduction to Buster Keaton

fred astaire

Fred Astaire

This is an introduction to Fred Astaire

This in an introduction to Robert Mitchum